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Virtual Training Topics

10 Attributes of an Unshakable Kids Ministry

  • Preschool leaders explore practical application of all 10 attributes. (Landry Holmes, Lifeway Kids)

  • Kids leaders explore practical application of some attributes. (Jeremy Carroll, Lifeway Kids)

  • Ministry Directors explore practical application of some attributes. (Chuck Peters, Lifeway Kids)

​Non-Curriculum Specific Topics

  • Characteristics of Kids (Heather Malm)

Shine the light on who kids are and we are better equipped to teach them. (Episode 1: Grades 1-2; Episode 2: Grades 3-4)

  • Creating a Healthy Environment (Leigh Ann Stark and Ashley Seuell) Handout Only

Practical tips for implementing Covid Protocols.

  • Everyone Can Pray! (Sara Eves)

Engaging the whole church to pray for VBS from planning through follow-up. 

  • Extend your VBS, Explore the Possibilities! (Jim Gantenbein & Leigh Ann Stark)

Say, “Yes” to VBS! VBS continues to be the best way to disciple and share the gospel with kids and families. VBS ministry is part of 25% of baptisms. Explore practical tips within four strategies for VBS. Find a strategy that will work for your church and community. 

  • Extend your VBS to the Neighborhood (Sara Eves)

Tips and tricks for hosting a great off campus VBS. Extend the reach of your VBS using Backyard Kids Club curriculum. Explore the logistics of hosting, ways to engage parents and how to train the team. 

  • Extend your VBS to Virtual (Rebecca Oosterhout)

Tips and tricks for hosting a great virtual VBS. Extend the reach of your VBS. 

  • From Puzzle Pieces to Art Work (Melanie Annes)

These organization tips will take the chaos out of preparing a resource pack for easy use during VBS or Sunday mornings. 

  • Guiding Behavior (Jackie Clay)

Creating an experience that engages kids while facilitating learning and reducing negative behavior.


  • Inclusive Preschool Class Tools and Tips (Davina Payne)

Tools and tips to care for kids with special needs as part of a preschool class.


  • Kids Crafts Rotation Introduction (Carla Goss)


Tips for planning creative craft rotations that reinforce Biblical truth for any VBS curriculum. 

  • Sharing the Gospel with Kids: More than a Single Conversation (Leigh Ann Stark)

A foundation for faith begins at birth, and continues through conversations about Jesus that lead to a salvation decision. The faith journey continues through discipleship. Explore stages of spiritual development, tips for sharing the Gospel, and resources for discipleship.

  • Shine the Light on Preschoolers (Laurie Panter)

Shine the light on who preschoolers are and we are better equipped to teach them. 

  • Top 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe (Ashley Seuell)

We know that we should run background checks and have more than one worker per group or class. But is there more we can and should do? What really works to keep our kids safe, especially in today’s world where school is on Zoom and the average kid has a cellphone by age 10? Let’s talk about that!

  • We Are the Light: Developing a Healthy Approach to Safety (Ashley Seuell)

In many churches, the safety of minors is seen as the concern of a few people. Everyone else just follows a list of regulations or sits on the sidelines... but there is a better way. In this session, we will discuss ideas for developing a healthy, whole-church approach to safety, including reaching out beyond the church walls.

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