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Pre-Conference and Breakout Descriptions


  • Caring for Kids in Crisis. Emotions can soar and plummet. Kids who have experienced crisis or trauma react to situations in ways that surprise us. Explore some causes and ways we can help kids cope. Megan Logue & Abby Spence

  • Creating Great Kids Space. Is it time to refresh or rebrand your kids ministry space? We have been there and done that and want to share what we learned in the process! Andrea Norman, Tara Soto and Jenni Crownover

  • Creating or Editing Policies for Kids Ministry. Yes, your ministry needs policies, but where to start? If you have a policy, is it user-friendly and helping to equip and empower your workers? Let’s talk about that as we work through a template to customize policies for your ministry. Feel free to bring a copy of any policies you have already, as well. Ashley Seuell

  • Wholly Kids. Every child is different. Every child is unique. Every child has potential in Christ. We'll explore how to create positive Bible-learning experiences for every child in your church and classroom by recognizing how God has made him or her unique. Let's learn how to teach kids according to how God has created them to learn best. Landry Holmes

BREAKOUTS – Saturday         *These topics will be offered 2 times.

  • *Ages and Stages. Today’s parents feel ill-equipped to spiritually train and educate their kids. Sometimes, teachers at church feel the same way. Let's try to fix that! Based on the principle that children learn and comprehend concepts differently as they grow in maturity, we will look at how to provide an age-suitable discipleship approach at home and at church. Landry Holmes

  • * Being the Light: Abuse Awareness and Response. We want to guard against abuse within the church, and being the light doesn’t stop there. Do you understand grooming behaviors or warning signs of abuse? If a child shares a troubling story will you know how to respond in a healthy and helpful way? Being informed and prepared is key to shining brightly against the darkness of abuse wherever we go. Ashley Seuell
  • *Brilliant Focus and Emotional Swings. Understanding, caring for and practical tips for teaching kids on the Autism Spectrum.  Davina Payne

  • *Burnout Alert. Recognizing the symptoms and impact of burnout in yourself, volunteers, and families and building an emotionally healthy ministry. Alisha Phillips

  • Fun and Games in Kids Ministry. Kids just want to have fun! As teachers we want to make every minute count! Explore some games and ways to make them count for teachable moments. Carrie Bernard

  • I Love to Tell the Story! Keep kids engaged as they listen and learn from the Bible. Rebecca Oosterhout

  • *Learning Approaches. Did you know that everyone has one? You like to teach the way you learn. Come learn how the various approaches to learning affect your teaching and ways you can include all of them to meet the needs of all kids each week. Tim Pollard

  • Let's Talk About It: Kids Ministry! Gather around the table with kids ministry leaders to talk about issues affecting your ministry. Sara Eves

  • Let's Talk About It: VBS! Gather around the table with kids ministry leaders to talk about VBS. Explore ways to step up the effectiveness of this high impact ministry. From leader enlistment to follow-up, what works and what can we try next year? Sarah Toles

  • *Sharing the Gospel. Sharing the Gospel is our primary task. Explore resources and hear tips for effective evangelism. Barbara Meek

  • Taking the Stress Out of the Preschool Mess! Preschoolers learn as they play. Explore processes to make learning fun for everyone with paint, sand and other messy experiences. Leigh Ann Stark and Gay McNeil

  • The Prepared Teacher. Gain confidence and joy to face the challenges of teaching kids at church through simple steps of preparation.      Jackie Clay

  • *These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Crafts and Bible Skills. Create a resource you can use tomorrow to help kids learn Bible Skills.         Thana Packard

  • Watch Me Grow: Kids! Elementary age kids are growing physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Ministering to kids as they learn how they fit in the world. Heather Malm

  • Watch Me Grow: Preschoolers! Preschoolers are growing physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Explore benchmarks for what preschoolers may be capable of at each age and stage. Laurie Panter

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