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Family VBS Experience!

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Let it inspire your great family night experience!


Invite your friends to join us or plan a watch party! 

Music, Games, and Bible Stories will engage kids and get them excited to learn more about the Bible and Jesus!

This live Family VBS Experience will kick off the 2021 VBS Season, and will be streamed from New Hope Baptist Church in Creswell, Oregon. 

To engage kids, we will encourage them to go on a treasure hunt for these items that will be used during the session:

  • Basket or laundry basket

  • Baby picture

  • Ball

  • Bible - If you do not have a Bible in your home there is a great Bible App you may want to download for free. Bible app: YouVersion

  • Cross (or two straight items, like pencils)

  • Shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Wash cloth

View the Livestream Here:

Northwest Baptist Convention Facebook

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